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Created by Frank & Gerard, Japonica loves auteur-driven projects with a "little-something" (sorry, we don't have THE answer, which makes things more exciting).

We have more than 50 festival selections, both national and international, including Berlin, SXSW, Málaga, Seminci, Sarajevo and Chicago.

You can take a closer look at our released and in development projects here. Keep reading to know who you will be sending your emails to.

Frank Lucas

(Head of Development / @___franklucas___)


Frank Lucas (Barcelona, 1988) is our Head of Development. He started his career at a boring consulting firm before entering at ESCAC (Catalonia's Film School), where he specialized in filmmaking.

He is the fun side of Japonica, leading the development of the projects and helping creators reach their voice.

As a director, he is working on his first feature film, Aurora (winner of PROA's Development Award), and on WV$P, TV series selected at the First TV Pitchbox by FilmarketHub. He is also creator of YOUZ, repped by MediaproLabs.

He has also worked on the scripts of Brbr's La Mala Familia (selected at Márgenes, Málaga's MAFIZ and L'Atlántida Talents Lab, among others) and on our secret projects currently in development.

When he's bored, he directs music videos with Aûm! Studio, the (even more) crazy side of Japonica, that have brought him awards like the Grand Jury Prize at Medina del Campo.

Gerard Rodríguez

(Executive Producer / @_gerardrodriguez_)

Gerard Rodríguez (Barcelona, 1994) is our Executive Producer. He also studied at ESCAC and worked at Zentropa Barcelona and Buffalo 8 Productions in Los Angeles before founding Japonica. 

He is the serious part of Japonica, dealing with excels and other boring stuff.

He has a Master's Degree in Film Marketing (2018), is a Rotterdam Lab Alumni (2019) and has been recently featured in Variety as Producer on the Rise 2020.


In Development - 2020


In Development - 2020